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How do I join the club?


Fill out the membership form and send it to the club secretary (all details can be found on the form itself). Also see our page on joining the club here.


Where do you fly?


We fly at the Royal Norfolk Showground, details of how to find us are here.


I want to learn to fly, what should I do next?


Come over to the flying field at the showground and speak to one of our instructors who will be happy to help.


I want to go to the field and see what its all about, when does everyone normally fly?


We are able to fly on most days but Sunday mornings or Thursday afternoons (and Thursday evenings) are a good time to find us flying at the field.

Please Note: We are often required to keep the gate locked. If it is locked, then please just persevere and wave until one of our club members notices you where we will then come over to let you in. If the gate is shut but unlocked then please just push to open, proceed as normal and close the gate behind you.

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