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Norfolk Model Helicopter Club Rules Summary

Members in breach of these rules may be suspended, and membership fees will not be refunded.

1: INSURANCE. Each club member will have BMFA insurance and is responsible for ensuring that all members and guests operate within the BMFA guide lines at all times.


 The flight line is 40 feet away from the pit area or car park.

- All aircraft are to be at least 30 feet from the pilot on take-off and landing.

 No more than two aircraft in the air at any one time.

 Pilots must try not to overfly other people's helicopters.

 Pilots must follow the guidance laid out in the current BMFA Handbook. Particular attention should be paid to;

1. Model Setup

2. Pre-flight checks

3. Safe club & display flying


3: GATE LOCK. Paid up members will be given the combination to the gate lock. Under no circumstances is any member to give out the combination number.

4: FLYING TIMES. No flying before 9:00am on any day and no flying after 9:00pm Monday to Saturday and 10:00 am to 9:00pm Sundays. No aircraft with piston engines are to be flown before 12 on Sundays.

5: NOISE. All models that appear noisy will be tested by one of the following members; Adrian Marsham, Gary Boulter, Glen Mclnally , Happy Hudson. Their decision must be adhered to and if they say your model is too noisy it must not be flown until rectified.

6: FLYING BOUNDRY. The boundary is 200 ft beyond the left and right hedges and no further North than the windsock. Maximum height is 400 ft but always be aware of the possibility of full size aircraft.

7: FREQUENCY CONTROL. Frequency number to be displayed on your transmitter, you must use the following frequency control system at all times, even when flying alone. Check the pegboard to see if your frequency is free. Put your frequency marker on the board. Note: Your Frequency Marker must have your name written on the front.

DO NOT TURN ON YOUR TRANSMITTER UNTIL YOU HAVE CHECKED WHICH FREQUENCIES ARE ALREADY IN USE. In the case of using a 2.4GHz radio system where no individual frequencies are used, a Marker with '2.4Ghz* and your name should be displayed on the pegboard in place of the conventional Frequency Marker.

8: TRAINING. Training will take place as and when needed, weather permitting. The club may appoint from time to time individuals as BMFA registered club instructors.

9: VEHICLES. All vehicles are to be parked in the designated area, do not drive across the site, drive around the boundaries. The maximum speed limit within the property is 10mph. NO WHEEL SPINNING

10: LONE FLYING. Members are discouraged from flying alone. Where this is unavoidable members should keep a suitable means of communication available. Only members who have satisfied a club instructor that they are safe to fly on their own mayfly on their own.

11: LITTER. Each member is responsible for removing ALL rubbish and broken parts from the site after each flying session.

12: RESPONSIBILITY FOR DAMAGE. The owner is responsible for the cost of damage to his / her model, unless they obtain a written waiver of this rule by the pilot.

13: CHILDREN. The parent or guardian shall accompany all Children under the age of 16 years. (No exceptions)

14: FIXED WING AIRCRAFT. The club is a radio controlled helicopter club however radio controlled fixed wing aircraft is allowed whilst under the following conditions;

Each member's interest should primarily be with helicopters. New Members will be expected to be either able to fly or in the process of learning to fly r/c helicopters.

15: GUESTS. A member may invite a maximum of two guests to fly at the club site concurrently. An individual may only fly as a guest a maximum 2 times per year.