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Beginner's Guide

If you're thinking of getting a model helicopter, or you're just curious about our sport, then this is a good place to start. This section aims to pass-on our experience and show you that buying and flying model helicopters is something anyone can do, so enjoy the read, and if you've got any suggestions or questions why not contact us ?

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Join Us

Information on How to join our club, you'll also need BMFA insurance before flying too which can be acquired through us.

Kit List

In this article you'll find out why joining a helicopter club; such as the Norfolk Model Helicopter Club (NMHC), is a good idea; what’s the minimum you’ll need to buy, and what else comes in handy.

For Starters

Having talked about helicopters and engines, this article takes us through the complexities of the radio control equipment and the gyroscope.

Safety for Beginners

A must for beginners and experts alike

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